Introducing… Good Fruit Designs!


Introducing… a t-shirt contest for a cause! This is an idea that has brewed for years and is finally coming into existence! Good Fruit Designs features designs that portray positive themes and hold periodic competitions for new designs that portray given themes. Winning designs are featured and designers are awarded a percentage of the profit.

The purpose of Good Fruit Designs is:

– To get people thinking positively as they ponder about how to portray positive themes.

– To create apparel that depict positive theme and get wearers and the people around them thinking positively.

– To engage artists in a fun quarterly competition and give them the chance to get their designs on marketable t-shirts, &

– To raise money for Project Esperanza!

The deadline for the first design contest is July 1, 2014, 12pm noon. The design theme is “hope”. To enter, your design must be in one of the following formats: jpeg, gif, ai, or png. Two colors maximum are allowed but unlimited shades of each color are acceptable. Depending on the amount and type of submissions received, we may break the contest into a 17+ age category and 16 & under.

Contest entry fee is $1 per submission. Artists can submit as many designs as they want, provided $1 is paid for each entry. Designs can be sent as an e-mail attachment to Payments should be made via PayPal to

Winners will be announced within 30 days after the July 1st deadline. The winner of the 17+ category will receive 50% of all profit from t-shirt sales up to $300. Payments will be made via PayPal. The winner of the 16 & under category will receive 50% of all profit from t-shirt sales up to $200.

T-shirts are for sale at T-shirts are from Alternative Apparel, printed for free by Ink Wear Screenprinting in Atlanta, Georgia. Ink Wear Screenprinting has generously donated many services to Project Esperanza in the past!

Please help us to spread the word of the design contest and t-shirt sales!


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