Back to School 2016-2017


We have had another fun summer at English camp, making many new friends, hoping that we’ll see again one day! Some camp volunteers even did some modeling for our art shop website. Check it out!

Now it’s that time of year again. We’re hustling to get our floor finished, patch a tin roof, order books, create more storage space for donated rice, register students, and more! We know those of you studying, teaching, or with school age kids have your own back-to-school preparations.

In the 2015-2016 school year we had help from 90 sponsors who donated $100 for the year and were each paired with a student. (Actually, 90 students were sponsored but less than 90 individuals sponsored as some sponsored more than one.) Many sponsors sent bookbags, packages with stickers and such, or notecards to their students. Many students sent thank you notes to their sponsors as well, and one sponsor who visited was even able to obtain her sponsored child’s self portrait on a block of wood. Our program isn’t perfect and as most non-profits can tell you, we’re always short handed, run by volunteers and next-to-volunteers, but we try our best to facilitate the sponsor-student relationship and we truly appreciate those of you who participate.

With 200ish students, we fall short of meeting the needs. We know that with the amount of friends who visited this year, we can meet the goal of finding a sponsor for ALL of our students! If you can’t do it yourself, you can invite others to chip in to help you! E-mail for more information on starting a sponsorship or to renew your sponsorship.

And here is a recent blog post updating you on the school in Padre Granero. Thanks for following! 


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