Off to a great New Year!

2017 got off to a great new start here for us! 19 Virginia Tech volunteers from the service sorority Chi Delta Alpha joined us for a week in January, taking trips to the beach with students, teachers, and parents in order to collect sea glass. Then back at the schools, they taught how to make sea glass jewelry as well as other crafts. There was an education piece on proper trash disposal and recycling. You can watch the video of their skit below.

We also were so thankful to have Gloria, a teacher from Boston with us for most of the month helping with the volunteers and spending time observing and modeling different teaching practices in the school in Padre Granero. We also welcomed Janis who visited for a few days and did cooking and greeting card activities with kids!

It has now been 10 years since we began the school in Padre Granero and the group home. We are also nearing 10 years for the Muñoz school. Please join us in reflecting on the past 10 years by following this link and watching a special video.

If you haven’t received your giving report yet, you will soon! Most have been sent out, but feel free to write to to inquire. We will also be mailing out 2016 reports along with a special treat from the kids. So donors, keep an eye on your mailbox for that!
Watch here:
Art Raffle Winner Announced! Thank you to everyone who entered. If you watch the video, the winner is announced, and everyone who bought ticket is thanked!
 Watch here:
Recycling Skit in Muñoz by Chi Delta Alpha Virginia Tech Chapter!

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