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Street Census Redone


It has been 10 years since we did the street census during the summer of 2006. Last year, we did it again. This graph shows some results. Read more about both censuses here.


Recycling trash into…a new school!

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If you have ever visited Puerto Plata, you have seen the beautiful blue beaches set against a backdrop of gorgeous green mountains speckled with tropical flowers and fruits of all kinds.  If you have been out of the tourist all-inclusive resorts, you have probably experienced all of this while also noticing piles of trash along side roads, in gutters, in people’s back yards, and marring those lovely beaches that nobody is paid to clean up daily. Because people often have to rely on bottled (or bagged) water to drink, because the negative aspects of littering are not emphasized, and because there is little infrastructure to deal with many things such as sanitation in the local community (and this could be a discussion for several blog posts  but is not the point of this one), the trash problem quickly gets out of hand!

Project Esperanza has found an exciting new way for the students we serve to help clean up their community and at the same time contribute toward the fundraising for the new, permanent school building they desperately need!

Students have been going out to collect bottles and cans, and when they have collected enough to fill a truck, they load up their recyclables and take them to a recycling center, a Recicladora, in Santiago where they are paid for their efforts!

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While the ability to fundraise in the Dominican Republic is limited, this is one way that the local community can be part of the work as we come together to raise the needed funds to purchase a place where our students can be educated and play safely!

This is also a potential project for short-term volunteers who could lead a group of volunteers and/or students in a day or several days of clean-up and recycling.

Along these same lines, if your state or province has a deposit on cans and bottles, a weekend bottle drive is a quick way to help us fundraise in solidarity with our students!  Sometimes Redemption Centers even add 1 cent for each can/bottle brought back when the money is being donated. Send us your photos to post on the blog and on Facebook!

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Some people have also started programs in schools to recycle a variety of objects…from trash to old electronics…in an effort to help PE fundraise! If that is something you think you can do, check out


They, and other organizations like them, give money to charities like Project Esperanza for those enrolled in their recycling programs.

Look for updates about our recycling project on our recycling for Padre Granero Facebook page.

You can donate to our fundraising efforts for a new, permanent school!



Help us build a new school! Buy a raffle ticket! Win a vacation!

We are fundraising to purchase a school building! On January 24, 2015, we will be forced to move out of our current school building, where 130 kids in 9 classes grades pre-K through 6th receive an education. One of our supporters has generously donated 22 time share points through RCI Time Shares. This translates into a week long stay at your choice of resorts located in the USA and around the world. All costs related to the time share are covered. The only cost not covered is transportation to and from the resort of your choice.
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Tickets are just $10 each. Purchasers of 10 or more tickets (or any $100+ donation to this cause) receive a t-shirt designed by one of our students, indicating that you have helped to support the new school building!

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To confirm that the names you want put in the drawing are entered, in addition to sending in the funds, please e-mail with the name, e-mail, and phone number of each ticket recipient.

Funds for ticket purchase can also be sent via paypal or check made out to Project Esperanza, sent to 1291 Valley Mill Rd. Winchester, VA 2202.



The winner of the raffle must use the vacation by April 2015. Our students will do the drawing at 11am on December 18th. A video of the drawing will be posted within two days of the drawing.

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**NOTE: If you donate $10 through our Global Giving project on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, your name will automatically be entered into the raffle and you can help us win an extra $5,000! If you donate right at 9am EST or 3pm EST your donation will likely be matched, and if we get enough unique donors throughout the day, we win an extra $5,000 toward the cause!**