Join the PE team, become an intern!

The following positions are currently available:

merchandise coordinator

What it involves: Project Esperanza sells t-shirts, baby shirts, sweatshirts, hats, crafts, jewelry, greeting cards, and original Haitian paintings and metal work. We need a merchandise coordinator to keep track of sales, inventory, sales locations, and funds collection. The merchandise coordinator might eventually be in charge of reordering merchandise. They serve as a liaison between:

  • Vendors (including stores and the student organization) and Project Esperanza’s financial manager.
  • Artists’ representatives in the Dominican Republic and vendors and consumers in the U.S. The merchandise coordinator is not required to interact directly with artists in the Dominican Republic – they just need to be in contact with a Project Esperanza representative who transfers art from the artist to the U.S.

The merchandise coordinator should be willing to form and maintain relationships with vendors. We also need someone who can be reliable in keeping inventory and sales information accurate and up-to-date, as well as someone who can collect funds promptly and consistently from vendors.

Tools: Merchandise inventory and sales spreadsheets, vendor contact lists, logs of vendor relationships and payments, sales agreement documents.

Time Commitment: This role should not require more than 10-15 hours per week. Some weeks may require significantly less work.

Community coordinator

There are many ways that institutions and groups in the your community can partner with Project Esperanza. A Community Coordinator reaches out to community members and organizations in order to get them involved by fundraising, sponsoring a student or school, etc.

Even if you have no previous involvement with Project Esperanza, you are still invited to be a Community Coordinator. We will pair you up with someone that does have more experience so that you can learn the history of the project as well as descriptions of what we do and how people can get involved.

What’s involved: Community Coordinators should be persistent and bold about promoting our cause (or willing to learn how to become so!), come up with creative ways of raising awareness, and help network PE with communities for mutual education and empowerment. You will develop confidence and communication skills and gain first hand experience with non-profit work.

Community Coordinators should also be able to consciously relay accurate and detailed information to the public and should be aware that their effort and self-discipline in making contacts and presenting the project directly affects the development of the organization.

Examples of organizations you will be reaching out to:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Families/Community
  • Businesses
  • Student Organizations
  • Community Organizations

Tools:  Promotional materials to educate community members about Project Esperanza, contact list, contact log (to track progress of relationship with your group and to pass on to future members), & means of transportation to and from meeting places.

Time Commitment: We ask that Community Coordinators strive for at least 10 hours per week, at least until our sponsor numbers have reached our ideal level. Those 10 hours may be spent making calls and setting up meetings, or presenting at meetings.

Events coordinator

What’s involved: The Events Coordinator will be in charge of organizing Project Esperanza’s participation in various festivals and events. Project Esperanza is represented at many local gatherings by setting up a table or booth with artwork, t-shirts, informational brochures or hand-outs, list-serv and fundraiser sign-up sheets, etc. The Events Coordinator will be the main contact person between the festivals/events and P.E. and will schedule dates for event participation, recruit P.E. volunteers to man the booths, oversee them as they’re running and during set-up and tear-down, and get together whatever materials, information, and merchandise is appropriate for the event.

Tools: “The Blue Box” (our box of t-shirts and other merchandise), copies of informational brochures and hand-outs about Project Esperanza, artwork, contact list of local festivals/events, sign-up sheets, P.E. sign.

Time Commitment: Project Esperanza could potentially participate in one or two festivals/events per month. In the week or so leading up to the event, the festivals coordinator would put in 1-2 hours in recruiting volunteers, communicating with festivals, and collecting needed informational handouts/brochures. The event itself usually takes place on a weekend or in the evening and can last 3-4 hours, during which the coordinator would need to be on hand or on call to set up and supervise.

To apply, specify desired position and email resume to


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